About SEMA

SEMA is a private, non profit NGO registered in Nigeria in 1987. SEMA operates from the Nigeria Peace Centre and currently maintains a local and international network of resources and affiliates organizations.

SEMA functions on a combination of participant and donor-funding. We provide services where and when needed. SEMA has a board of directors and Samie Ihejirika is the Managing Director.


To enhance Nigeria’s local capacity transformation and democracy building, through skills training especially in conflict resolution and mediation, peace education, media activities, advocacy, research and publications.


Conflict is an inevitable aspect of human existence and as such occurs everywhere – in the meekest individuals happiest home and even the happiest parliament on earth. But conflicts can be transformed. With the right perception, attitude and skills, conflict can so easily become the beginning of change for the better.

SEMA is working primarily to achieve the following objectives: –

  • To change negative public perceptions about conflict.
  • To enhance local capacities for conflict transformation through peace education and skills training for change agents at all levels of society.
  • To make democracy work beyond elections by facilitating the creation of a more hospitable environment favourable to the development and growth of a democratic culture in Nigeria.
  • To promote the use of the blend of western models of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes and African Traditional processes to bring justice faster, cheaper and closer to the people.
  • To conduct research, publish and encourage professionalism in the field of conflict resolution and peace making.
  • To build a sustainable umbrella network of NGOs for peace and democracy building in Nigeria.


We have a team of highly skilled specialist for our training programs and management consultancy to develop and maintain co-operative working environment. Our programs are tailored to suit individual and organizational needs.


Our facilitators offer in-house and public workshops to assist people of diverse backgrounds to work together effectively in the workplace, and within communities.


We provide facilitation and mediation to help people towards achieving their goals in ways that encourage participation and the realization of voluntary agreements e.g. in the areas of community and political situations consultation, workplace conflict and cries.


We have a well equipped resource centre which provide books, manuals, handouts, audio and video tapes in CR, social sciences and related communication skills.


We work with schools to implement the whole school program in order to create a more hospitable and safe environment in schools. Groups served include parents, academic and non academic staff, students and other members of the school community.


Focus is on providing training programs and CR analysis to ‘hot’ communities with a view to develop community mediation and democracy building processes.


Our focus is on managing diversity and facilitating the development of a conflict resolving media as well as public participation in government. We also work with law enforcement agencies, business groups and engage in international activities.

SEMA co-ordinates the activities of the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), the Conflict Resolution and Peace Education Network for Africa (CREPNA) and the Nigeria Peace Network.


We provide support group for CR trainers to exchange new ideas, develop new training areas and network with other NGOs. We also provide personalized consultation to trainers in designing programs, facilitating meeting and the mastering of the mediation process.


We provide high quality training through public workshops to address the changing needs of participants to promote co-operation, creative solutions and productivity for business, government, professional organization and individuals. These workshops are usually proactive and interactive in nature.


SEMA has developed far-reaching range of programs designed to meet the specific needs of:

  • Commercial and industrial organizations including banks, oil companies, multi national co-operation and private organizations.
  • Public service and government organizations including hospitals, civil service, law enforcement agencies, the prisons, ministries, media organization and others.
  • Trainers specializing in conflict resolution skills.
  • Communities in distress for community mediation and resolution of multi-party disputes.
  • Interfaith and ecumenical programs.
  • Educational organizations such as schools, universities, colleges of education, polytechnics, primary and secondary schools and informal educational programs.
  • Personal effectiveness in home, friendship and community interactions.

Our Donors/Patners